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Having a vacancy in any team costs money. Not only are your team working harder to cover the tasks that someone isn’t doing, but you may be filling in as well; Meaning that you could be missing deadlines and targets which are critical for your business. We can help. Whatever industry you operate in, we have experts that can attract and screen applicants so that you see the very best candidates who are suitable for your organisation. Let us take the pressure off finding good people and wasting time interviewing people that are not suitable; providing recruitment campaigns which will also develop a ‘employer of choice’ reputation. We can also help with Induction, training and probation for new colleagues.


How effective is your appraisal system? Are your people engaged in it, or is it an exercise that managers do because they have to? HR guides dating back to the 1980’s and 1990’s tell us that the yearly appraisal or performance review is a critical part of managing your people’s performance. But is that really the best way for your business and workforce? We can guide you towards a system that works for you and your business and keeps your people focussed on what’s really important throughout the month, quarter and year. Its time to start thinking differently about people’s performance and their development in their roles.


You want to do things the right way when it comes to your people, but you don’t need to employ an expensive Human Resources (HR) department to achieve this. We can offer you affordable commercially-driven support and advice on the terms you need, whether short-term, long-term, demand-driven or on a project basis. By outsourcing your HR needs, you’ll benefit from a fresh pair of eyes and the robust straight-forward advice that comes from over 30 years of accumulated experience. Contact us for a free consultation on whatever your people issues are, big or small, and let us discuss a practical and cost-effective solution for you.


When you are dealing with any type of staffing issue, it can be extremely time consuming; preventing you from doing your job, and ultimately effecting your ability to hit targets or deliver objectives. Let us help you to maximise your time in work by advising you on the right, and most efficient way, of dealing with difficult members of staff, redundancies, Disciplinary or Capability issues, lateness, sickness and absences. We can provide guidance either in person or over the phone. We can also provide all of the supporting documents so you can get on with your day and not get tied up with administration.


What do your current employment contracts say? Is your handbook with policies and procedures up to date? Have you got a HR system which is simple to use complies with current legislation? If the answer to any of all of these is ‘no’ or ‘I don’t know’, we can help. We review your existing employment contracts and your employment policies that make up your staff handbook. And if you don’t have any, we’ll provide both. We then keep these contracts and policies up-to-date so that you’re always legally compliant. We also advise you on the type of employment contract you might need for all types of work.


Anyone running a business, large or small, needs to talk to someone about some aspect of managing people at some stage. And we will be here when you need us, whether it’s to talk about an HR issue with one of your team or about how to recruit or get the best out of your staff. You may have people issues that you are putting off dealing with because you are unsure of which way is the best way to approach it. Or you are just unsure of what to say. We are experienced in advising on having difficult conversations. Let us help you to have the right conversations to get the right results and free up your time.


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Contact us for a free consultation on whatever your people issues are, big or small, and let us discuss a practical and cost-effective solution for you.